Alsley Lodge is not just a home, but a family too. Everyone is made to feel welcome and cared for, and we value each resident's individuality. There are few rules and timetables because we want our residents to be calm and relaxed. The rules that are in place are there for the benefit of all the residents, their safety and security.


No smoking is allowed in the home, but there is an outdoor area designated for smoking.

  • Laundry facility is well equipped and well organised.
  • Every room has a locked cabinet and residents can insure their possessions if they wish.
  • There is a modern, automatic fire safety system.
  • Visitors are welcome at all times. Well behaved pets are allowed in the rooms.

Alsley Lodge produces a Statement of Purpose, which is regularly reviewed and can be read by anyone who's interested. The Care Quality Commission inspects the home regularly to ensure it complies with Care Standards. Please feel free to speak to the manager at any time.

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